email our assessment coordinator Diane to submit any assessments 
Assessment Days for 2019/20

 Lindsay Skate Club hosting December 18th 2019

Lindsay Arena  3:45 pm to 7:15 pm


Please Note:

Low tests Star 1 to Star 5 all disciplines done on regular ice.  Coach assessed

Senior testing done on booked ice for Star 6 levels  to Gold levels

Skate Canada Programs:

For information on Star Skate and the testing system please log on to


Test Day Fees:
  • Test fee sheets are forwarded to your coaches for distribution.

  • The Skate Canada fee is $12.00 per test

  • Hospitality fees and ice fee will vary depending on length of test and number of evaluators needed

  • Test fees are due one week prior to the test day.

  • Only tests that have been paid for by the due date will be included on the test day schedule.

  • Any unpaid tests will be submitted to Skate Canada as “Retry” and the skater will still be responsible for the fee.

Preparing For An Assessment Day:


  • Approximately 4 weeks before test day, your coach prepares a list of potential tests.The list is forwarded to the Test Chair who in turn submits the test list to Skate Canada.

  • If you have any questions or concerns about the upcoming test day, you should discuss with your coach at this time.

  • Your coach will have until 2 weeks before the first scheduled test day to decide whether or not the skater is ready to take the test on test day.

  • If he/she feels that the test is not ready to be tried, the test will be "PULLED".

  • There is no charge for tests that are pulled at least 2 weeks prior to test day.

  • Any test that is not pulled 2 weeks prior to the first scheduled test day are included in the final submission to Skate Canada and must be paid for, according to Skate Canada rules.

  • Once the final test lists are received by the Test Chair, test fee sheets are prepared and forwarded to the coaches for distribution.

  • Please ask your coach for your test fee sheets, test fees must be paid one week before the scheduled test day.

  • The test fee sheets and payment should be enclosed in an envelope and deposited in the mail box inside Pad 2 marked "TEST DAY”.

  • Only tests that have been paid by the deadline date will be included in the test day schedule.

  • Tests that have not been paid for by the deadline date will be submitted to Skate Canada as a "RETRY". The skater will still be responsible for the fee.

  • The schedule will be posted on the Lindsay Skating Club website and on the bulletin board at the arena, one week prior to test day.


Test Day:
  • Skaters should be in the arena ready to test at least 30 minutes before their scheduled test time.

  • **Skaters missing their scheduled test time will not be permitted to test at a later time.**

  • They should be lined up at the door to the arena ready to go as soon as the group before has finished.

  • It is important that skaters move on and off the ICE QUICKLY in order for the test day to run on schedule.

  • Test results will be released to coaches/skaters only after all paperwork has been signed and checked by the evaluators.

  • There are sometimes delays in this process and your patience is appreciated.