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Ice Cancellations

Please keep Checking our website and facebook page for all cancellations.


May be done by mailing your forms prior to the beginning of the session or drop off in the LSC mailbox on Pad 2. Please do not leave cash, only cheques, in the mailbox on Pad 2. Payment must have been received prior to your first night of skating.


Fees allow us to purchase ice and hire coaches to provide your
child with ice time one night per week. This fee also includes an
amount to register your child with Skate Canada. Your child will
receive a registration number and certificate confirming their
registration. As your child advances through the skate programs,
their achievements will be kept on file with Skate Canada. This
fee also allows Skate Canada to train new coaches and judges
and to update the clubs on upcoming events or developments.

General Rules And Regulations

Any behaviour that is discourteous or puts a individual at risk for injury is unacceptable to the club. The LSC club promotes appropriate behaviour and conduct to be displayed by skaters, coaches (on ice and
off ice), executive and officials.

We are trying to build a positive friendly environment for our club. Any behaviours that are discourteous to skaters, coaches, other parents, executive and/or officials are not acceptable.
Any act of solicitation that is related to skating is not acceptable to our club. Any questions or concerns need to be brought to an executive member.




Refunds will only be given with a note from a medical professional.


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